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Dynamics of the QUAD

There are many aspects that characterize global politics today – from suffering a pandemic allegedly generated by a deadly virus that artificially emerged in a lab, an ambitious military rivalry in the Indo-Pacific region to grab natural resources and convert atolls into military bases, to expansionist policies leading to hotly contested territorial disputes, illegal supply …

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Anti-French Protests and the Worldview of Pakistan

In what seems like a series of missed opportunities to disband radical groups, Pakistan at every step of its evolution, let the Islamic outfit Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan(TLP), founded by Khadim Hussain Rizvi grow in scope and exercise clout on all matters of religious and even political significance. Over a period of time, it isn’t surprising to …

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East Pakistan Genocide: Still Yearns for Global Acknowledgement

Bangladesh is celebrating 50 glorious years of its independence and the month of March is significant in the valiant struggle that then people of East Pakistan waged against the Pakistani Army.   March 25 holds special significance being commemorated as the Genocide Day as on this day 50 years back Pakistan Army launched ‘Operation Searchlight’ resulting …

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‘Long live Xi Jinping’ could backfire on China

China’s widespread propaganda, continuous persecution of minorities and return to the cult of personality represent an echo of Mao’s rule. Technological advancements allow for mass surveillance and extreme censorship, which have resulted in a dystopian police state where blind allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and leader Xi Jinping are demanded and enforced. This is especially …

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Destruction of the Tibetan People and Impunity of the Chinese Community Regime

Sixty-two years after the uprising against Chinese power (10th March 1959) and the subsequent massacre, commemorated today, the Roof of the World is slowly dying, in a growing international indifference.  Dependency towards China, the hyper-exporter, is obligatory and impunity of Communist totalitarianism persists…. Every year the Tibetan government in exile commemorates the « Day of …

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Deception Games: Pakistan’s Eyewash Action Against Terror Groups

As yet another FATF deadline approaches in the last week of February, Pakistan is once again making a show of tightening its AML/CFT regimes to comply with the requirements of the financial watch-dog. At the same time, a propaganda effort is underway to convince the FATF to not only not push Pakistan into the ‘black list’ but to also take Pakistan out of the ‘grey list’. The facts on ground, however, merit Pakistan being ‘black-listed’ for failing to deliver on its high-level political commitments to FATF. Worse, Pakistan has been deceiving the Task Force by pretending to take action against internationally designated terrorist groups and their financial networks but only on paper. In practice, these terror groups continue to function openly and are collecting funds publicly.

Erdogan’s Wars

Faced with the EU’s growing frustration and Biden’s more hostile administration, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has softened his tone, renewed his promises for greater cooperation and has ceased all exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean. However, Erdogan’s superficial attempts to appease the West in order to avoid further sanctions will not result in a …

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The Hypocrisy of the Muslim World

France and the rest of Europe face a serious threat from Islamist terrorism. This has become more apparent after the brutal beheading of schoolteacher Samuel Paty, the terrorist attacks in Nice and Vienna, and the disgust and contempt most Muslim countries have expressed toward French values. French President Emmanuel Macron’s battle against Islamist separatism fights …

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Between Intolerable Tolerance and Islamophobia

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, ISIL has now officially become the main global enemy. But the fight against Muslim fundamentalism isn’t a question of military superiority but ideology. To fight fundamentalism, we must first acknowledge that these fundamentalist groups, such as ISIL, are in fact Islamic.  Currently we seem to be to be torn …

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