Noting the necessity of establishing a dialogue between the divided opposition forces in Syria, CPFA along with Randa Kassis appealed to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarabyev in order to reach a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Two meetings were subsequently held in Astana in May and October 2015 under the aegis of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
At the end of these meetings, two resolutions were signed by the participants, which led to the creation of the Astana Political Platform and helped pave the road for the Astana peace process.

CPFA and the Astana Political Platform continued their collaboration by initiating discussions between Syrian opponents in Geneva in February and July 2017 in order to develop a preparatory document for a reform of the Syrian constitution as part of a comprehensive political process.
This initiative was launched during the meetings regarding the formation of a constitutional committee and was later promoted during the National Congress of Sochi in January 2018 by Randa Kassis, despite the objections of the Syrian government and part of the opposition.

In 2018 CPFA launched an appeal to the Community of Sant’Egidio, whose contribution to peace over the past 50 years is indisputable, in order to achieve a balanced political settlement.

Kazakhstan Peace Talks

In 2015 CPFA launched a ‘Committee of the Wise’ in order to address various topics related to international peace.

The committee was comprised of numerous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates including former President of Israel Shimon Peres, former Vice-President of Egypt and Director General of the IAEA Mohamed El Baradei, former President of Poland Lech Walesa, Guatemalan human rights activist Rigoberta Menchú Tum and former chair of the IPCC Rajendra Pachauri.
Other prominent political figures were also part of the committee, such as former President of Colombia Cesar Gaviria and former Prime Minister of Spain Jose-Luis Zapatero.

The committee gathered in Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan, where President Nazarbayev received them at the presidential palace.

The first event CPFA organized was attended by Kazakh Defense Minister Imangali Tasmagambetov at a luncheon in honor of the guests.

The second event took place at the Rixos Hotel in Astana, which was chaired by the then Chairman of the Senate Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Due to the increased risks of nuclear proliferation currently facing the world, CPFA has decided to launch initiatives and other events to help contain the nuclear arms race.

One of our events was chaired by former UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Anan in the presence of former President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski, former British Foreign Minister Jack Straw, former Turkish Foreign Minister Yasar Yakis and former Italian Foreign Minister Julio Terzi.